Anteprima Wirebag Standard Tote in Black, Silver and Gold

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About Anteprima:  ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG uses only the most exquisite materials, including an exclusive wire that is crafted in a wide range of colors, to hand-knit lightweight creations that gleam with just a hint of light. An instant hit when it was first released in 1998, the WIREBAG has since evolved into a fashion icon in its own right. Artfully crafted into new, beautiful hues and shapes, every collection brings refreshing novelty into the fashion world every season.

This is a little older bag, but it is Anteprima's "standard" bag which is still created today. These bags are created by hand and are so unique!!   This bag uses "wire" that is black in the middle, and either gold or silver edged.  The two wires are crocheted together, giving this bag it's unique look.  This is their typical "flat" bag that is 11" wide at its widest point and is 10.5" high.  There are two rings sewed into the inside so that a crossbody strap can be worn.  Perfect size for lots of things!

The "wire" is non destructible and water friendly.  Like, you can rinse the bag through and through!

She'll come in a dust bag.