Upcycled LV Bags

I purchase 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton bags (w/serial number or authentication)  and upcycle/repurpose them into unique bags!


DISCLAIMER — These products are made from legally purchased, authentic Louis Vuitton products with verified serial numbers and date stamps. They are created and handmade by Beauty Bird Vintage, LLC. This shop, Beauty Bird Vintage, LLC, does not sell licensed Louis Vuitton end products. The items listed in this shop (Beauty Bird Vintage, LLC) are not a final product manufactured by Louis Vuitton.  Beauty Bird Vintage, LLC is not associated or affiliated with Louis Vuitton and/or their subsidiaries. 

  • All bags / wallets will be sent to you with a dust cover, either cotton or organza!! 

  • Bags over $200 automatically ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS.