Key to My Heart - Brass LV Padlock & Key - Double Layer Necklace

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Helloooooo STATEMENT PIECE!!!  This is a one-of-a-kind beauty that takes the guesswork out of layering your necklaces!!

This authentic Louis Vuitton Brass Padlock (#315) has been polished to perfection!!!  The focal point for this vintage necklace is the beautiful padlock, and is paired with its key on a different chain.  The longer gold-filled paperclip chain is 26" long.  The smaller gold-filled rolo chain holding the key sits perfectly inside the outer chain.  (The key is not blue, it's just reflecting off of my shirt... ;) )

If you need the necklace to be shorter, just send me a message during checkout or contact me directly after purchase!

This beautiful necklace will come in a BBV box, perfect for gift giving!!