Single Rivet Bangle Bracelets - Gucci and LV

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These little bracelets are GREAT for stacking with others!!  The top bezel contains a rivet cut from authentic Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag.  The rivet is carefully epoxied onto the bracelet, and will not fall off!  I wear mine 24/7!!

  • The LV and Gucci rivets are both brass.
  • The LV rivets are very gold in color.
  • The Gucci rivets are lighter gold.

The bracelet itself is on a brass base and is EXTREMELY adjustable. They can be adjusted from about 6.25” and up to 8” and are so fun to wear and stack!  You can’t stop at one! And this looks great stacked with the Double Rivet Banges!

Please note:  These are VINTAGE rivets. The pictures are for reference. Some may be scratched or scuffed, but I do my best to use the best ones!!