The Chickadee - Caramel Damier Vintage Card Holder

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Ok ladies...authentic Damier in hand!  This pattern is just awesome!!  

Introducing the Chickadee!! The chickadee was one of my mom's favorite birds....they're just so adorable!  And, this little vintage card holder is just as cute, and the ONLY accessory you need!!! Just throw a few cards and some cash in and you're ready to go!!!

As always, an authentic Louis Vuitton bag was used along with a gorgeous caramel colored embossed leather.  The outside edge is brown leather lace which has been stitched by hand.  There is a gold colored D-ring  stiched into the back that holds a LV wristlet with a turquoise colored rivet. A lovely vintage style turquoise snap completes this look.

This card holder is 5.5 x 4 inches, and will adequately hold several cards, some cash and even some coins.