The Dove - Vintage Monogram Black Crossbody

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Introducing an all new bag....the Dove!  This bag was created from a Chantilly MM that had seen better days. The buckle strap was no longer in great shape, so I removed it and covered it up with fringe!  So much easier to open and close now, and super cute to boot!!

I've conditioned and dyed all the vachetta black ... and added black leather braiding to the outside of the front flap.  I also added a gorgeous brass and turquoise concho that hides a brass magnetic snap to keep all your things secure.  This bag has got enough room for just the right amount of things, coming in at W9.5 x H9.8 x D2.5".  

The bag's monogram and interior are both in excellent shape!  There is one small zippered pocket inside that contained very sticky vuittonite (see below for description).  I did my best to remove the stickiness, but in the end I glued in a fun liner to it.  It's still quite functional, but I didn't want to take the chance of having anything rub off on your things.  I replaced the strap with a braided 6-strand black leather one is the perfect length to wear crossbody (53").  It has a flat section that sits comfortably across your body, and then moves into a round section towards the brass clasp, and then ends in fringe.  

Please note:  The fringe can be shortened if necessary.

The black chunky strap looks amazing with this bag and can be purchased separately here.

A video of this bag has been added to my Instagram stores, and will be saved in the highlights called The Dove!

About Vuittonite:  Prior to 1997, Louis Vuitton lined many of its bags with a vinyl-like material known as Vuittonite. It was used (and patented) by Louis Vuitton because its resistance to water makes it easy to clean. Unfortunately, when exposed to high heat or humidity, Vuittonite begins to deteriorate and peel away from the edges of the bag. Over time, it becomes increasingly sticky, forming a residue (which, in extreme cases, is black in color) that transfers to anything placed inside the bag.