The Falcon - Damier/Monogram Mix Vintage Wristlet/Crossbody/Clutch

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This bag is made from two authentic Speedy 30 bags!  Isn't she cute? This gorgeous little wristlet/crossbody/clutch bag is all you need when you are out and about!  It’ll fit most cell phones, keys, credit cards, and even a lipstick!  

I just love how the Damier Ebene looks with the Monogram print!!!  The Monogram pieces have been lined in a bright red vegan leather to match the Damier canvas.  The red interior on the Damier is clean, however, there are a couple of pen marks that did not come out.  This bag even has a 4" tall back pocket!!!  The outside edges are brown leather lace which have been stitched by hand.  There are brass D-rings secured in the back so that you can go from crossbody to wristlet to clutch! The wristlet strap is Monogram print (not shown, but will be included).  The dark brown leather crossbody strap is 6 strands of braided leather that is flat where it sits across your body, and then moves to round towards the clasp.  There is a small amount of fringe hanging down after the clasp that can be trimmed to your liking.  The clasps are brass, and a gold button magnetic snap keeps your items secure.

This Falcon measures 7”x 6”.  

The leather crossbody strap is 47" long and 1/2" wide.