The Fanny Pack MINI Wren in Damier- Fanny Pack/Wristlet/Clutch Bag

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This little beauty is all Damier Ebene!  And it's a fanny pack to boot!!! It's the best little fanny pack/writstlet/clutch for when you're on-the-go!  It’ll easily fit up to an iPhone 11, credit cards, and even a lipstick!  

As always, an authentic Louis Vuitton bag was used to create this beautiful little bag.  The LV is lined with brown leather, which backs it and gives it a nice feel.  The outside edges have been stitched by hand with brown leather lace.  The front has a row of gold-rimmed crystal rivets, giving it some bling!  There are also four gold rivets at the top that were placed to hide some flaws in the canvas.  They do not affect the functionality of this cute bag in any way, and cannot be seen when the flap is closed.

The back has two loops that are attached with gold rivets that will hold onto your belt, giving you an instant chic fanny back. A belt up to 1 1/2" can be used.  There is also one gold D-ring stitched into the side on the back that will hold the LV wristlet.  Look closely at the wristlet clasp, it's from another authentic bag and has the LV stamped into it!!  You can remove it to turn this into a beautiful clutch! A gold button magnetic snap secures your belongings!

So many options for this little beauty!

This mini Wren measures 7”x 4”.