The Fanny Pack MINI Wren in Leopard - Fanny Pack/Wristlet/Clutch Bag

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A leopard fanny pack?? Sign me up! This the best little fanny pack/writstlet/clutch for when you're on-the-go!  It’ll easily fit up to an iPhone 11, credit cards, and even a lipstick!  

As always, an authentic Louis Vuitton bag was used to create this beautiful little bag.  The entire bag is lined with brown leather.  The outside edges have been stitched by hand with a caramel colored leather lace.  

The back has two loops that are attached with gold rivets that will hold onto your belt, giving you an instant chic fanny pack. A belt up to 1 3/4" can be used.  There is also one gold D-ring stitched into the side on the back that will hold the LV wristlet. You can remove it to turn this into a beautiful clutch! A gold button magnetic snap secures your belongings!

So many options for this little beauty!

This mini Wren measures 7.5”x 4.5”.