The Grouse - Vintage Monogram Handbag in Black

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This beautiful bag was created from an Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Ellipse MM ... and she's ready for a new owner!!! 

This bag's monogram is in excellent shape.  The vachetta was cleaned and then dyed black to give the bag its unique look.  The interior canvas looks great as well.  The zipper was missing a tooth so I had to remove it.  I've added two gold snaps to keep the bag closed and they work very well!!  The strap holders had been repaired (badly) so I removed them and added new gold strap holders.  The stich marks still remain from the originals, but aren't noticeable (see pics).  I then added fun black braided leather straps. 

NOW.  Now, she's ready to be shown!!  This beauty comes in at W15 x H11.8 x D5.9".  

This bag has a date code is MI0938, which indicates it was produced in France in March of 1998.