The Junco - Vintage Monogram in Pink Flower Crossbody Bag

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Introducing the Junco, this bag is made from an authentic Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch.  It's been thoroughly cleaned and is ready for a new owner!!

The Vuittonite (see below) inside was in decent shape, so I did a quick cleaning, but some of the marks didn't come out.  It doesn't seem to be sticky at all.  The zipper is fully functional.  I added some braided pink fringe to the outside and a beautiful brass flower concho with a turquoise stone center. (The concho can always be switched out for something different, if desired...just contact me for options!!!) I've added brass D-rings to the sides and attached a pink leather adjustable strap (39-49"). 

This little Junco measures is L 6.75 x W 4.5 x D 2.25" and is sure to be your next favorite bag! For a video review of this bag, please see my highlight bubble called "The Junco" on IG!

Please note:  These are vintage bags, and will show some wear.  I try to call out everything, but please make sure to look at the pictures!!

About Vuittonite:  Prior to 1997, Louis Vuitton lined many of its bags with a vinyl-like material known as Vuittonite. It was used (and patented) by Louis Vuitton because its resistance to water makes it easy to clean. Unfortunately, when exposed to high heat or humidity, Vuittonite begins to deteriorate and peel away from the edges of the bag. Over time, it becomes increasingly sticky, forming a residue (which, in extreme cases, is black in color) that transfers to anything placed inside the bag. If your Vuittonite is starting to get sticky, try putting some talcum powder inside, lightly coating it.  It works!!!