The Peacock Messenger - Chocolate Hair-on-Hide Monogram

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This beautiful bag was created from an authentic LV Saumur bag, and was fashioned into a gorgeous messenger bag!  It's got enough room for ALL of your essentials, coming in at 12" wide by 9" tall. 

The front of the bag features a gorgeous chocolate hair-on-hide leather, keeping you trendy and able to match with every outfit!!  Th outside edges are brown leather lace which have been stitched by hand. The back of the bag is studded with pyramid rivets, giving this bag an edgy feel.  There is a fantastic silver/gold concho that is fashioned as a magnetic snap, keeping all of your items secure. The leather strap is 45" long and is a hand braided leather that is flat at the shoulder part, and round towards the silver's a beauty!!  

 This is a beautiful piece, don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind beauty!!

Note: Hair on hide may shed a small amount.