The Peacock - Vintage Monogram Tote with Monogram Strap

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This beauty was created from a gorgeous LV Saumur bag, and was fashioned into a tote!  It's got enough room for ALL of your essentials, coming in at 12" wide by 6.5" tall.  

As always, an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bag was used to make this one-of-a-kind piece.  This bag even has the authentic "Louis Vuitton" leather patch on it! The outside edge is brown leather lace which has been stitched by hand.  There is a gold button magnetic snap, which keeps all of your items secure.  There are no pockets.  The strap is an authentic LV Monogram strap from another bag (worth $100 alone!!), and it looks fabulous on this!!!  It is adjustable from 43" to 51", perfect for crossbody wearing.  It also has a fun braided brown leather strap that hangs down to give the bag some interest. You can even remove the monogram strap and carry the bag over your wrist with the braided one.  How fun is that??

I guarantee this will be your favorite bag, and you will definitely turn some heads!!!

For a video review at this bag, check out my Instagram stories, or the highlight called "The Peacock"