The Robin - Black/Brown Monogram Crossbody/Clutch

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This is a small/medium crossbody bag that will fit lots of goodies.  It was created from an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette Rabat 23 clutch that was in great shape.  The bag has enough room for just the right amount of things, coming in at W9 x H6.3 x D1.6". 

The outside edges have two colors, with the brown being in the front and the black in back.  All leather lace has been stitched by hand, and D-rings were securely attached to the back so that this bag can be carried as a crossbody as well!  It has a small zippered pocked in front that I embellished with a bronze key as the original pull was missing.  The zipper works great!  The snap was barely functional, so I replaced it with a magnetic snap.  The interior leather is clean, and plainly marked with a date code of 861 which indicates it was produced in January of 1986.

Included will be a beautiful black canvas strap that looks like the real thing and is super comfy to wear with a width of 1.5." It has gold clasps that are held on with vachetta tabs which will darken with age. The strap can adjust from 33" to 48.8," so you can even shorten it and carry as a shoulder bag!!  I've also included a picture of how the brown strap will look with this bag too (equally stunning!).  If you'd prefer brown, either send a note during checkout, or contact me immediately afterwards.  If you want both, I can invoice you an extra $35!  One charm will come with the strap (even if you choose both).  

A video of this bag has been added to my Instagram stores, and will be saved in the highlights called The Robin!