The Wren - Red Vernis/Cheetah Vintage Wristlet/Fanny Pack/Clutch

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Here is another beautiful Wren, but this one is slightly smaller, coming in at 7x4.5". This little wristlet is also a fanny pack and a clutch as well!!! 

As always, an authentic vintage Vernis Louis Vuitton bag was used along with a cheetah print leather that is lined with cork!! The outside edge is black leather lace which has been stitched by hand.  There is also a gunmetal black D-ring stitched into the side.  This can be used to easily click the wristlet to, or remove the wristlet and have a beautiful fanny pack or clutch!  The gunmetal black click-n-go is easy to remove, and even easier to add your keys to! A simple gunmetal magnetic snap completes this look.

Remember, this was created from a vintage Red Vernis Louis Vuitton bag.  There are some wear marks on it, but it is still gorgeous!  I've tried to take pictures to show you fully.  If you'd like more pictures, please contact me!